Public Rooms 4u

Below is a list of my public rooms, just click on a room name to enter it. Also listed is links to all the products in that room, products from 4u and my other accounts like Club. My public rooms are more like product showrooms, expect them to be overloaded with furniture and a slow load, I make these so you get an idea of how I use some of my products. When your in any room you can right click on it and select view products to see what's in it, or just use the links under each room below. I Love making up rooms and was a room decorator long before I ever made products. Please allow time for my rooms to load fully, I recommend a minimum 1gb graphics card, 4gb of ram for using IMVU. Rooms designed for Direct 3d graphics, setting.

Taste The Pink
Link to products in room
Ibiza Party Club
Link to products in room